Uri Daley

Chair of the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce since January 2018

Over 20 years as CEO and president of the Arrowmid Group
In the field of civilian, security and military wireless communication
Systems for protection of the coast and sensitive facilities
Situation rooms and command posts

Morris Revach

Executive director of the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce

Holds a bachelor’s degree (with distinction) in business management, and an MBA with a specialization in marketing and advertising.
Over 25 years’ experience in the communications market, in Israel and in other countries. Has considerable experience as a marketing, sales, and customer service manager for communication consumers, distributors, and operators.
This experience has been expressed mainly in establishing, managing, and leading sales arrays for consumers, for strategic customers, and in particular for key customers and operators in Israel and abroad.
At the beginning of the present decade, spent two years as CEO of a medium-sized company in the field of logistics and laboratories for the repair of cellular devices, thus also learning at first-hand about the general management of an entire business framework.
In recent years, as of 2013, served as projects, trade, and business and strategic development manager in a variety of fields and business activities in the Mitrelli Group.

Amir Vitcon

Legal adviser to the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce

A graduate of the Faculty of Law at Brunel University in London, England (1997) (specializing in European Union law, anti-trust law, and economics), with a master’s degree in law (LLM with distinction) from Bar Ilan University (focusing on commercial law, corporate laws and anti-trust laws). Interned in the field of civil and tort law, and worked as a lawyer in the firm of Lipa Lior & Co. (civil law and litigation).
Adv. Vitcon is mainly involved in international transactions, investments and venture capital, commercial and civil litigation, trade restraints, and representation of companies. In addition, he has special expertise in international transactions in China and in developing countries in Africa and South America, including legal advice on implementing projects, joint ventures, investment deals, venture capital funds, and commercial transactions.

Haim Yochai

Accountant to the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce

Accountant and senior partner at Juda Erlich & Co.

Ofir Cohen

Member of the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce audit committee

Electrical and electronic engineer
Master’s degree in business administration
22 years’ experience in planning, setting up and maintaining generator systems and energy solutions
VP business development at Shmerling Synchro Energy Engineering Ltd.

Adi Segal

Executive committee, Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce

CEO and owner of Israel Industrial Batteries Ltd.
37 years in this field.
12 years as operations and marketing manager at Vulcan Batteries, and 25 years as owner and manager of a private company.