In the framework of my many years of activity in Angola, I have been privileged to see the country develop and renovate all its infrastructures, which were severely damaged during the long and bloody civil war that it endured.

During my years in Angola, I have seen fit to promote the country, investing in and supporting development in the fields of agriculture, education, health, and social and humanitarian action, fields that touch on and improve the lives of the ordinary and hard-pressed people living in the capital and in the remote provinces.
These activities are still ongoing.

As one who is very familiar with Angola and wants to see it develop, flourish, and realize its potential, and as one who understands the relationship between Israel and Angola and would like to strengthen it, together with a select group of business people and companies, I have established the binational Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce, which will promote, assist, and encourage commercial ties and investments in Angola, as well as supporting upgrading relations between Israel and Angola.

The Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit organization with the objective of promoting commercial and economic relations between the countries, among other things in the fields of agriculture, health, communication, as well as other activities.

The aim of this organization is to help create contacts and strengthen ties between the government of Angola, Angolan commercial companies and financial institutions, and the state of Israel and its institutions, by means of legislation, regulations, and/or appropriate rules that will ease commercial ties between the countries.

The Chamber of Commerce will initiate and take any action that could benefit these aims.

We welcome all those joining our ranks.


Haim Taib