• The Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce, together with the Department of African Studies at Ben Gurion University, calls students of all degrees to participate in a seminar / course on writing a paper focusing on the economy of Angola. Participation will award academic credits and a scholarship – details from the Department offices.
  • A delegation of business people, companies, and members of the Israel Angola Chamber of Commerce will be leaving for three days of working meetings and a tour of Angola in the week of June 11-15, 2017. The delegation, headed by the Chamber of Commerce chair Haim Taib and Mr. Silvan Shalom, and with the participation of Israel’s ambassador in Angola, will attend a series of meetings with senior members of the government and the business community in Angola. Personal meetings will be held with companies and business people, one-on-one, and each participant should set out, in English or Portuguese, the areas of interest, businesses, companies, and topics in which he is particularly interested. When preparing the trip, we will ensure that participants are invited to meet with potential entities during the visit. We will also hold field trips to free trade areas and projects in different areas of interest that have been established and are operated by parallel Israeli entities, in order to demonstrate in practice the feasibility of such collaborations.